Managing external packages for your Genie app

Genie fully takes advantage of Julia's excellent package manager, Pkg – while allowing Genie developers to use any third party package available in Julia's ecosystem. This is achieved by taking a common sense approach: Genie apps are just plain Julia projects.

In order to add extra packages to your Genie app, thus, we need to use Julia's Pkg features:

  1. start a Genie REPL with your app: $ bin/repl. This will automatically load the package environment of the app.
  2. switch to Pkg mode: julia> ]
  3. add the package you want, for example OhMyREPL: (MyGenieApp) pkg> add OhMyREPL

That's all! Now you can use the packages at the Genie REPL or anywhere in your app via using or import.

Use the same approach to update the packages in your app, via: pkg> up and apply all available updates, or pkg> up OhMyREPL to update a single package.